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Express Your Magic

Connect and draw from your inner well, there are many surprises waiting for you, waiting to be painted just through you.

Come and create amazing, deep and inspiring paintings. All courses are downloadable except for Teach The Children. Great for beginners and advanced painters.
Express Your Magic

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"Through Michal's vision and guidance, I/we were able to feel into the shifts of this time and bring them to the canvas. Using a variety of easily learned techniques and ways of thinking, the paintings created were phenomenal and the experience, a deeply shamanic journey. But, then, this is characteristic of Michal Shimoni and what she brings to her students and offerings."
Arlene Bailey

Express Your Magic

If it is your first time, or if you wish to teach art, start with 'TEACH THE CHILDREN' and 'CRACKLED LANDSCAPES'

If you want to connect deeper and paint your empowering goddess, go for 'MOON MAGIC' and then 'MOTHER EARTH'

Feel free to write me and find out which course is best for you.

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About Me

I started my formal art education at age 14 and continued in established Art Academies for fine art and rehabilitating art . I exhibit in shows around the world, and teach art to children and adults. Art is my medicine, it is also the medicine I have to give, by sharing my art and facilitate the space for others to try it. I have evolved in the last years and my paintings today come from an inner well, no planning, just opening and listening to what wants to come through me. It is a process of discovery in which I can find myself crying in awe. After studying art for many years it was a journey to find back my true voice, my inner vision and not just what I was told. I am grateful to be where I am now finding my joy in art and helping others find it.
About Me

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